Anaconda™ Radial Bearing

The Anaconda Radial Bearing™ is a tungsten carbide tiled hard surface radial bearing for the most demanding mud lubricated radial bearing applications.

Thrust & Radial Bearings

Designed-for-purpose bearings for downhole drilling motors. Available in oil-lubricated (sealed) assemblies, mud-lubricated assemblies and individual bearing races.

Bearing Components

Rockbit balls, slide bushings, seals, and boot kits. These components are stocked and available for quick delivery.

Precision Machining Services

We have the tools and expertise to design, engineer, and machine parts to your specification, such as diverters, mandrels, and drive shafts.

Heat Treating Services

We provide superior quality heat treating solutions to a range of industries. We offer quick turn around times and high quality service.

Anti-Wear Coating Technologies

Protective anti-wear coatings are provided on a wide range of components, giving them extended service life in destructive environments.

Delivering high performance quality products for your manufacturing and operational needs.