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2418 Greens Road
Houston, Texas 77032 USA
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2418 Greens Road
Houston, Texas 77032 USA
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Performance driven solutions. Just in time delivery.

ESG engineers and manufactures radial bearings, thrust bearings, and other critical components for the down hole oil and gas market. Our proprietary coatings and heat treatment protect customer-supplied components such as mandrels, fishing tools, and conveyors in oil and gas, mining, power generation, and plastics industries.

We are committed to quality and efficiency in all that we do. We strive for the highest return on investment for our customers. We engineer our products to last longer, perform better and handle tremendous stresses of abrasion, corrosion, heat, and pressure.

We are now ESG. Integrated resources. Innovative solutions. Fast turnaround.

ESG brings together the skills and innovation of iMech, IntelliFuse, Numeric, and Leading Edge Heat Treatment (LEHT). As a fully integrated company, we are well equipped and able to quickly respond to the individual needs of our varied customers.

Fast, efficient delivery.

Having distribution and manufacturing locations in both Houston, Texas and Edmonton, Alberta,
allows us to shorten lead time necessary for direct delivery to our customers.

2418 Greens Road
Houston, Texas 77032 USA
T: +1 346.219.0320
E: sales@ESGproducts.com

Houston Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Located Near the Gulf of Mexico our proximity to offshore drilling operations in the Gulf allows us to supply the iverse demands of our customers with prompt, personal service.

  • Next Day Delivery in US we work with customers to establish ready-to-ship inventories. This ensures fast, next-day deliveries anywhere in North America. All deliveries within a 30 mile radius of our plant are free.

  • State-of-the-Art Facility 40,000 square feet facility

  • Delivery to Canadian Markets primarily for drilling, tar sand and heavy oil applications.

3325 10th Street,
Nisku AB Canada T9E 1E7
T: +1 780.757.0770
E. sales@ESGproducts.com

Edmonton Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Located in Oil Region of Canada our proximity to oil sands production enables quick response to local demand.

  • Next Day Delivery in North America our ready-to-ship inventories can be delivered anywhere in North America.

  • State-of- the-Art Facilities 23,500 square feet manufacturing facility, 15,000 square feet distribution center and 11,800 square feet heat treatment facility

  • Delivery to US Markets Next day delivery to US Markets and worldwide shipping capabilities

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified