ESG in the Mining Industry

Many components in the mining industry are exposed to significant abrasion, corrosion, and stress. Typical components that benefit from anti-wear coatings are bearings, slurry pumps, wear pads, valves, screens, and material conveyors. We offer slurry, carbide, and carbide tile coatings for these components. Repair services are also available as needed.

Customers can count on:

  • Measurably longer service life
  • Prompt lead time
  • Cost saving advantages

Coating Technologies

ESG coatings give superior anti-wear protection against major destructive forces that cause component failure – corrosion, erosion, abrasion and impacts. Their unique across-the-board performance makes them the smart choice for extended parts life with fewer shutdowns for replacements. With carbide thicknesses ranging from .004” to .125”, EGS coatings can be custom engineered to serve a wide range of applications. Our coatings are metallurgically engineered to give extended anti-wear parts protection in the toughest applications.

Repair Services

Our coatings are applied to components we machine and manufacture as well as those supplied by customers. Repair services are available for customer-supplied components. Our team of engineers analyze specific needs, assess wear in unique applications, and recommend a cost-effective solution.