ESG in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our products are engineered to maximize performance in the most abrasive, corrosive and stressful downhole environments. We design our products to adhere to your specifications and we follow rigorous quality control processes. ESG serves customers operating both onshore and offshore in drilling theaters worldwide.

Customers can count on:

  • More feet drilled per day without frequent delays caused by failed bearing assemblies.
  • Exceptional strength to maximize the load carrying capacity and life.
  • No bearing lockup due to galling or chipping of the carbide surface.

Radial and Tile Bearings

Radial and tile bearings are manufactured with precision to your exacting specification and needs. We design and engineer these bearings to maximize the load carrying capacity and life, which results in increased drill time and reduced down time. Our wear protection is proven effective and includes slurry, carbide and carbide tile.

As a service to our customers we keep inventory based on your forecasted demand for just in time delivery and we can also manufacture on demand.

Thrust Bearings

ESG is well known and respected for its high performance thrust bearings made for the specific requirements of oil and gas downhole. These bearings are precision manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Get exactly what you need for your mud and oil sealed motor. Our engineers work with you to ensure we meet your specifications. Our precision machining team operates under the highest standards for reliability and tolerances. The races are machined from bearing grade steel that is case hardened, hard machined, and polished to provide maximum surface hardness and wear resistance with excellent impact resistance. The combination of case hardened bearing grade steel and special raceway contours ensure maximum run life and avoids problems such as cracked races and sheared balls.

We can keep inventory on hand based on your forecast, shortening downtime and enhancing your productivity. We can also manufacture on demand.

Bearing Components

We help you keep your operations running smooth by supplying key bearing components.

Rockbit Balls – Available in various sizes, ball dimensions are controlled to very high accuracy. Ball roundness, surface finish and size variations are important attributes, controlled to a micro-inch level.

Slide bushings – ESG supplies both -20 and -40 slide bushings to meet the demands of specialty applications.

Seals & Boot Kits – Mud motor boots must perform in harsh environments of drilling fluids and high temperatures without failure, in order to protect the drill string. At ESG we have engineered state of the art mud motor boot seals that protect the drill string and extend the downhole drilling time.

Precision Machining

Our extensive machine shop enables us to manufacture components and assemblies as needed by our customers. We work with you to define the specifications, then follow a stringent process to ensure high performance, quality, and reliability. Some of the parts we produce are mud motor mandrels, drive shafts, and housings.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is part of our manufacturing process. It is also available for customer-supplied material. Let us know what you need treated and we will create a plan. We can also provide repair services for your parts as needed.

Anti-Wear Coating

Coatings contribute significantly to component life. In downhole wells, friction causes wear that leads to frequent pulling of the drilling string. Our Coating System defies wear to reduce these costly delays. We use our own proprietary coatings on all radial and tile bearings we manufacture.

We can also coat customer-supplied material. As an extra service, we can repair your components as needed.