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Custom Tiled Radial Bearings increase run life

Have you heard that we now offer Tiled Radial Bearings? If you would like to request a quote or place an order please email us at   To learn more about our latest in leading edge technology here at ESG, keep reading below:   ESG’s Tiled Radial Bearings: – Tungsten carbide tiles cover approximately […]

Optical microscopy helps evaluate structural integrity

We are very proud to share that we recently have introduced the Keyence VHX-5000 as a part of our quality inspection tools. With optical microscopy at the cornerstone of failure analysis and metallurgical materials analysis, this now allows our team to better inspect and evaluate structural features of our components. The VHX-5000 multi-functional technology has […]

ESG offers custom protective coatings

Whenever you want equipment to run for longer, ending costly downtime due to frequently worn parts, ESG has the solution for you.   Our proprietary coating system creates a true 100% homogeneous metallurgical bond on iron, nickle, and cobalt alloys – even on curved, complex interior surfaces. With thicknesses ranging from .010″ to .125″, the […]