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Anaconda Radial Bearing™

Value Driven by Performance

The Anaconda Radial Bearing™ is a tungsten carbide tiled hardsurface radial bearing for the most demanding mud lubricated radial bearing applications. Novel manufacturing processes have been developed that have allowed for the incorporation of tungsten carbide tiles into the proven Intellifuse™ matrix hard surface coating. The result is a unique radial bearing with tungsten carbide tiles metallurgically fused to the substrate with the maximum density of tungsten carbide in the matrix in an optimized pattern.

Technical Specifications

Tile Composition (wt %) 88% W / 12% Co
Tile Hardness (HV) 1350
Tile Area Coverage 65% Minimum
Tile TRS (ksi) 390
Matrix Tungsten Carbide Density 70%
Matrix Hardness (HRC) 69-72
Matrix Bond Strength (psi) >70 ,000 psi
Tile thickness (mm) 2
Tile Shape Stretched Hexagon
Minimum Bore/ Shaft Diameter (in) 3.0
Maximum Temperature (°F) 400

Product Features

  • An alloy layer below tile and matrix provides a stress relief and crack arresting feature, and ensures fusion between the substrate and the tile
  • Tile pattern results in no direct flow path risking matrix erosion, overlapping of tiles in operation for smooth operation, and even wearing of the bearing surface
  • Tile hardness is unaffected by manufacturing process – no degradation
  • Batch manufacturing process eliminates human application errors
  • No tile movement when processing; ensures optimum tile placement and spacing
  • Customization feasible – apply Intellifuse™ in place of tiles to surfaces that experience reduced loading, or to surfaces that experience erosion if not protected
  • Manufacturing Capacity – 1800 Bearing per Month
  • Manufactured in the Houston, Texas, USA