High Performance Radial and Tile Bearings

In oil and gas producing fields, friction and side loads cause heavy wear on downhole mud motor components that leads to frequent drilling stoppages for repairs, especially in horizontal drilling. Mud motor manufacturers and drilling operators can turn to the next generation of tile and radial bearings to take advantage of measurably longer service life. Our radial and tile bearings are used primarily in mud lubricated motors, oil-sealed motors, rotary steerable tools, MWD/LWD tools, and rotating liner hangers.

We have proven history of delivering high-quality hard-surfaced bearings backed with outstanding customer service. Our bearings defy wear to reduce the number and frequency of costly operational delays. The results are longer drilling hours each day and less downtime day after day.

We design and manufacture our radial and tile bearings along with thrust bearings at our Houston, TX facility. We stock and distribute from both Houston and Edmonton locations to anywhere around the world.

Anti-Wear Coatings

Our bearings are used in extreme conditions, where abrasion, corrosion, erosion, and stress combine to destroy these key components. We extend bearing life by applying special coatings. We offer three proprietary coating options:

  • Slurry. This liquid coating reaches the most complex geometries to ensure complete coverage and protection
  • Carbide. This liquid metal infiltration process combines tungsten carbide and an infiltrant to create cloth-like sheets under high pressure. These sheets are fused onto the surface of parts.
  • Carbide tile. Tungsten carbide tiles cover approximately 55% to 65% of surface acrea.

Our R&D department is dedicated to improving our current coating solutions. We lead the way in innovation for development of new coating technologies that will extend bearing life and reduce operational downtime.

Flow Restrictors and Housing

ESG manufactures high quality, completion components installed in areas where turbulence is anticipated in the drill string. These heavy-walled devices restrict the flow of drilling fluid directed from outside a mandrel to an internal bore or vice versa. Our Flow Restrictors and Housing components are designed with high strength materials to prevent early failures due to erosion in areas where turbulent high flow velocities of abrasive drilling fluids occur.